The World Bank Announced Conditions on Granted Loan for Iraq

The World Bank has announced the loan conditions and financial support providing to Iraq. The Bank pointed out that the World Bank doesn’t need to impose heavy conditions of the Iraqi government. It is due to the government of Iraq is much dedicated in achieving reforms in order to attract international investment and foreign investors from all around the world. The Bank stressed its commitment to work with Iraqi government and providing its full support for reconstruction process in the country. The director of Mashreq at the World Bank, Sarun Jacumar said in a press interview with Zawahra newspaper that the Bank is finalizing what steps should be taken to launch a long-term development in the country. He also added that there is a financial support program for Iraqi government. It would be the most efficient and workable solution for different regions of Iraq. The World Bank always provided a handsome support for Iraqi people and government estimated at more than one billion U.S dollars each year.

The World Bank Announced Conditions on Granted Loan for IraqJacumar added that the World Bank is committed for better cooperation and working with Iraq in reconstructing and rebuilding the state. He stressed that the Bank didn’t impose conditions on Iraq in return for a loan. We are working to secure the essential financial issues with the government of Iraq to focus on reforms in order to attract foreign investment. He added that we have offered a program pointing financial and social reforms to reconstruct the most destructive areas in Iraq. But, we will not work at the local level. He again confirmed that the World Bank is well committed to work with Iraq and we will keep our support in building the Iraqi state. He also admired that all resources have confirmed that Iraq is right on track. He said that all international investment companies should continue implementing projects in Iraq.

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