Why U.S Dollar is Showing a Decline in Financial Trading Global Markets?

Our authentic sources informed that exchange rate of the U.S dollar has shown a significant decline in the financial trading markets. The FBI also announced a new investigation against Democratic candidate for the U.S presidential election Hillary Clinton regarding new emails found from her email server. The FBI authorities believe that current downfall in the exchange rate of U.S dollar was due to a strong belief among investors regarding her victory in the U.S presidential election 2016. The U.S dollar index against a basket of 6 major currencies was 98.369 and most of the experts are expecting a continuous decline after reaching at the highest level last week at in 9 months at 99.119. The exchange rate of the U.S dollar fell on Friday after the announcement by FBI for starting a new investigation regarding the email messages recently found on the Hillary Clinton’s own email server. Point to be noted that FBI has started a new investigation about Clinton’s emails just before one week of the U.S Presidential Election 2016.

Why U.S Dollar is Showing a Decline in Financial Trading Global Markets?Most experts said that it has been considered a positive point in the support for the Republican candidate for the U.S presidential election Donald Trump. It is important that Trump was a victorious to Clinton in entire previous polling, but the situation was changed in the last few days and now there would be a considerable amount of support for Donald Trump. Most investors are looking Hillary Clinton as “Status Quo” candidate and they have shown doubts regarding the victory of Donald Trump and affects of his expected foreign policy in the United States. At the other hand, Iraqi Central Bank is continuously selling foreign currency in its daily auction sales at 1190 Iraqi dinars/ U.S dollar. It is important that CBI has sold 26,659,314,003 U.S dollars from 1st March 2016 to 1st November 2016.

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