Why Participation of Kurdistan is Essential for Iraq? Muhammad Saleh

The economic adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, Muhammad Saleh has confirmed the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil. He added that both sides need a significant amount of understanding in finding handsome solutions. He said that Iraqi sources of oil revenues should be included by the Kurdistan regional government in the Iraqi federal budget. He pointed out that it would secure the Iraqi federal government regarding salaries of State employees and favor of social welfare salaries. Saleh added in his press statement that Kurdistan regional government should provide the account statement from one of the global marketing companies which include oil production in the fields. The volume of export and its financial revenues in preparation should be included in the oil revenues from Iraqi central and southern fields.

Why Participation of Kurdistan is Essential for Iraq? Muhammad SalehSaleh further added that it should be on the basis of calculation amounts of Iraqi federal budget of the State instead of getting budget just on the oil fields from central and southern provinces. He pointed out that it would be beneficial in the financial situation of the State. He added that the salaries of state employees, retirees and other benefits will be covered by the salaries of social protection network. It has been considered one of the priorities of the Iraqi government and State. He added that Iraq has been experiencing most critical and difficult conditions in the country. He also confirmed that current economic and security situation in the country is not critical as it was a couple of years ago. Now, Iraq is moving forward and its financial & economic condition is getting better due to perfect working of Iraqi government. So, there are a large number of foreign and local investors showing their interest. There are a large number of foreign companies participating in various fields in the country.

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