What About RV if Maliki is Not The Next PM

Iraq NewsRevaluation is under discussion in Iraq for last six months and the discussion is on the peak. People were expecting RV before general elections and were almost ready for it. The Noor Al Maliki Administration often talked about 30th April for expected RV date but this date also passed like many other dates. The political gurus were expecting RV from Noor Al Maliki to maintain its worth in the public as it was a game changing step if taken by taken by Noor Al Maliki.

In an interview to a local television, Noor Al Maliki said that Iraq is committed to increase the worth of its currency and the people of Iraq will see it soon. After this statement most of the people purchased more Iraqi dinar in the hope that it is going to revalue in next few days. People think that if Noor Al Maliki is not the next PM then it will be difficult for central bank of Iraq to complete this procedure in near future because everything will be changed in the country and the economic policies will also be renewed. If this happens, the expected date of RV will be 2016, as far as my opinion is concern.

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