We’ll Rise Again: Abadi

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi Prime Minister and Head of the Council of Minister Haider Al Abadi said that we will pull out our country from severe financial crisis efficiently. He also pointed out that we are fighting against terrorism in most parts in the country and a large amount of Iraqi territory occupied by those terrorist groups and Daash. But our security forces are continuously getting back those occupied areas and achieving targets efficiently. Yesterday, the Iraqi Prime Minister delivered his words during a telephonic conversation with Isaac Jahangir the first deputy head of Islamic Republic of Iran. He discussed to make stronger bilateral relations between both sides and to find better ways to cooperate in different sectors in Iraq.

The office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Haider Al Abadi delivered his words in the ceremony arranged by the Martyrs Foundation to admire a group of blue bloods and abilities of the martyrs families. He added that terrorists are generally threatening Baghdad and we are fighting against those militants in order to get back areas occupied by terrorist groups and Daash organization. Our security forces have taken back a number of occupied areas. He added that we are here to say thanks to our heroes of Iraqi armed forces, police, popular crowd, Peshmerga and fighters of tribes for their blood and sacrifices. The pointed out that we are receiving requests continuously from volunteers to fight against terrorists, though a large number of volunteers didn’t register their names in the popular crowd but fighting voluntarily.

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