We Need to Work on Oil Alternatives to Boost the Economy: Experts

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi economy and its financial and economic institutions mostly depend on the revenues of Iraqi oil export, but Iraqi government should find alternatives to overcome the problems generated by the oil crisis. The conditions of international oil markets and instability condition of demand and supply is generating a number of challenges for oil producing and oil exporting countries. The continuous downfall in the oil prices has created a number of problems of Iraqi economy to manage the financial issues. A famous economist also said that Iraq should activate efficient economic policies by using suitable process and find new doors to achieve the target of improving its resources to manage the Iraqi federal budget.

A famous economic expert Dr. Saadi issued a statement in an interview that imports rules and regulations to be imposed in order to control an integrated control system. It would provide help for the contribution in the restructuring and development of Iraqi economy. He further stressed that development in the industrial sector has its own importance; it would contribute to empower the country’s economy. Dr. Saadi further said that Iraqi consumer society is much dependent on a number of imported goods in the market. The most effective economic policy should be adopted and to strictly impose rules and regulations in order to manage the levels of import goods and commodities.

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