We Host the CBI Governor to Discuss Rise in the U.S Dollar Next Week: Najiba Najib

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission said in a statement that commission is planning to host the Governors from all provinces and the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank in order to discuss the news and reasons behind the increase in the U.S dollar price in the Iraqi domestic markets. A member of economic and investment commission Najiba Najib issued a statement that Iraqi economic and investment commission has planned to host a meeting with the Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank to know the facts behind unexpected increase in the U.S dollar exchange rate in Iraqi local markets.

Najiba Najib further added that this meeting has its own importance because Iraqi economy is currently experiencing most critical situation in the country. Most of the economic experts have predicted that financial and economic condition in Iraq is moving towards more severe condition, and coming two months are most important in this regard. So, the Committee would discuss about the procedures of the Central Bank with the support of Iraqi federal government to handle the current financial crisis and find more perfect mechanisms to avoid the financial collapse in the future. It is important that continuous decline in the global oil prices reflected negative impacts on the Iraqi economy and they should find some excellent solutions to stabilize Iraqi economy.

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