We Have Sufficient Manpower to Defeat ISIS: Abadi

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi’s office issued a statement that our country has sufficient man power to eliminate Daash and our country doesn’t need extra amount of man-power from other countries. The office of Haider Al Abadi received an invitation from the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the U.S Congress, John McCain. He delivered a message of the U.S administration that U.S is ready to send 10,000 U.S soldiers to fight against terrorist organization especially with Daash in the Iraqi territory. The Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that Iraqi Security forces and Iraqi people are fighting progressively and getting wonderful victories with targeted progress against terrorists and Daash organization.

There are a large number of Iraqi people who have sacrificed bravely in this important war in order to make Iraq a peaceful place. The statement added that Iraqi government acknowledges the major support in training Iraqi security forces and providing weapons. We appreciate the support of United States as an important partner in the fight against terrorism and Daash in the Iraqi territory. The Iraqi Prime Minister office replied the offer of the U.S Armed Services Committee Chairman in the Congress, John McCain. They said in a reply message that Iraq has sufficient man-power in the fight against terrorism and to finish Daash organization and other terrorist groups from Iraqi territory. He said that Iraqi people needs peace in the country.

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