We are Working Hard in Forming Corruption Free Iraqi Cabinet: Al-Abadi

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi declared that there are a number of international organizations and global expertise that might help Iraqi government to fight and eliminate financial corruption. He added in his speech during a goodwill meeting and a large number of MPs from different political blocs attended this meeting. He said that fight against corruption has its own importance and it would be in the best interests of Iraqi people. He stressed that there are various international organizations and excellent global expertise are available to help Iraqi government in the fight against financial corruption. The Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Al-Abadi has confirmed the continuation of reform process.

The statement further indicated that some elements are against the change in the Iraqi cabinet of ministers due to their personal interests. There is a conflict between political blocks and current government that is reflecting negative impact on Iraqi financial and economic condition. These conflicts should be resolved in order to overcome Iraqi economic and financial problems. He stressed that change in the Iraqi cabinet is an important part of administration reforms and considered the initial step in the fight against corruption in the Iraqi financial institutions. He pointed out that our committee has a number of experts and we are continuously working in forming corruption free Iraqi cabinet. He said that current Iraqi political situation would not affect on the war against terrorism and our security forces and fighting very well and liberated a large number of areas occupied by the Daash and other terrorist organizations.

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