We are Selling Lawful Products Including Iraqi Dinar Currency: Sterling Group

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Chief Operating Officer of co-owners and an allegedly paid endorser of Sterling Currency Group, Atlanta, GA., which earlier publicized itself as one of the big sellers and currency dealers of Iraqi dinar in the U.S. He also accused in a scheme to dishonestly encouraged currency investors for buying the Iraqi dinar currency. Terrence Keller, Tyson Rhame, Frank Bell and James Shaw appeared on Monday for the first time in the court. According to the Prosecutors “The Buck-head headquartered Sterling Currency Group had sold and exchanged the Exotic currencies such as Iraqi dinar. The Sterling Group started their operations in 2004 by the two co-owners James Shaw and Tyson Rhame. Frank Bell joined for working in the Sterling in 2010 and became Chief Operating Officer in 2011.

The prosecutor Keller and the above three key persons of the Group didn’t have such knowledge that this kind of allegations would participate in booting the Sterling sales. The U.S Attorney John Horn said that not only the Iraqi dinar investors but all types of investors need to have only hones based and transparent types of information. He added that these three suspects were allegedly involved in spreading untruthful and misinformation to motivate potential investors regarding the investment in the Iraqi dinar currency in order to get amazing profit in this powerful currency. He added that “we advise anyone to contact FBI, who believes that they were affected by this scheme. The Sterling Group published a statement on its website that they refuse any kind of alleged wrong process and Sterling is doing a lawful business and selling lawful products.

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