WB to Support $17.5million Dairy Project in Iraq

On Wednesday, World Bank office in Iraq confirmed that World Bank has a number of organizations and one of our organization need to support in building a dairy factory in Iraqi capital Baghdad, with the amount of more than 17.5 million U.S dollars. The Bank also added that our institution is taking into consideration in building a latest and special dairy factory for best quality products. He also pointed out that this new factory would support in solving the food related shortage in the country. It would also provide an opportunity to improve the economic growth and will also helpful in reducing the poverty level and unemployment in the country.

It is also added that our institution has planned for a number of projects in Iraq. The most recent was seeking for the implementation of the investment service project for Iraqi people. It is also said that World Bank’s institution is working very seriously for an actual factory building in order to provide best quality dairy food products for the people of Iraq. He also pointed out that this project would support Iraq in order to generate employment for Iraqi people and it will provide jobs for more than 300 Iraqi people. The expected cost of this project is estimated more than 17.5 million U.S dollars. it is confirmed that a number of dairy products will be produced from this factory and production from this plant would be more than 50,000 tons dairy products per year.

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