Voting on Iraqi Budget 2018 on Tuesday 27th Feb 2018: Al-Tamimi

The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee announced that there are some major and essential amendments in the paragraphs of draft budget law for the fiscal year 2018. A member of the Finance Committee, Majida Abdul Latif Tamimi said in a press statement that a number of alterations have been made in the Iraqi budget 2018. New amendments include some clauses to ensure greater interest to state employees and Iraqi citizens. It includes the elimination of the paragraph regarding deduction of 3.8% of salaries and it was terminated by a general agreement from the members of the Finance Committee. The Committee discussed an alternative after the elimination of this specific paragraph.

Iraqi budget 2018

Majida Al-Tamimi added that the Committee also discussed the lifting of restriction on allowances, promotions, and stoppage in development after it came from the Iraqi government as a natural right of the employee to work. She further said that the Iraqi budget 2018 also includes an increase of 144 billion Iraqi dinars. It is dedicated to the disabled people from terrorism or disabled during responding terrorism. The Iraqi government is focusing to sponsor them. She added that at least 200 million U.S dollars have been allocated in establishing small and income producing projects and it is specific to the employment of young people rather than remaining them unemployed. She said that it is expected that Iraqi parliament will vote on the draft budget law 2018 in the next session of Iraqi parliament scheduled on Tuesday, 27th Feb 2018.

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