Do not vote on the law next week’s elections will be canceled

Do not vote on the law next week’s elections will be canceled


Iraq electionsTomorrow Press / Baghdad: MP for the rule of law secretary Hadi, Thursday, in the absence of voting on election law by the political blocs will be repealed law, as called for politicians to pass laws. said Hadi for “tomorrow’s Press,” “The last date to vote on the law of parliamentary elections is next week, “stressing that” in the absence of a vote by the political blocs will be canceled and are resorting to the previous law, because it is valid now except paragraph occupancy compensatory seats will be to agree on those paragraphs later. “

He added that “the political process in Iraq has caused the deterioration of the security situation, which is exploited by terrorist groups to carry out attacks against armed attacks against citizens and security forces and state institutions, “calling on leaders and political blocs all to” approval of important laws pertaining to the lives of the Iraqi people. ”

It should be noted that the Parliament since the beginning of the current session on 21 of December 2010 and has so far seen the differences and incompatibility of many of the laws vital task such as the law of parties and oil and gas law and the law of Unified Retirement, as well as the general amnesty law and others, underscoring observers that it is subject to speculations and political wishes of the leaders of parliamentary blocs.

noted that the security situation in Iraq, taking deteriorate rapidly, especially after he followed al-Qaeda and other armed groups a new way for more than four months detonated car bombs and improvised explosive devices aimed at concentrations of civilians on an almost daily basis, as well as targeting state institutions and the assassination of the civilian staff and security elements in an effort to disrupt the security situation is supported by the regional countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, according to the statements by Iraqi officials, while stressing the statistics issued by the international organizations that at least 300 people killed or injured monthly disability in Iraq.

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