Unexpected High Rate of US Dollar Against Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The U.S dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar is again moving up with a remarkable increase in the U.S dollar exchange rate, which was recorded several years ago. At the other hand the Gold price also increased with a rise of up to 256 Iraqi dinars per weight.

The U.S dollar exchange rate was recorded on Wednesday in the Iraqi market at 1315.50 Iraqi dinars per 1 U.S dollar. The Iraqi dinar exchange rate against 1 Euro recorded at 1435.00 Iraqi dinars, and 1947.50 Iraqi dinars against 1 British Sterling Pound. The Gold market also made an extraordinary activity where the gold prices raised and the price of a mustard-gold 24 carat recorded at 256000 Iraqi dinars. The price of a mustard-gold 21 carat recorded at 0.224000 Iraqi dinars and the mustard-gold 18 carat price recorded at 0.192000 Iraqi dinars.

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