UNDP has contributed $12.9 Million to restore stability in Iraq

UNDP has contributed $12.9 Million to restore stability in Iraq

The UNDP (United Nations Development Program) has totally contributed $12.9 million after the recent announcement. The UNDP has recently announced additional participation of $2.7 million for the project to restore stability in Iraq. The UNDP in Iraq, Gerardo Noto said in a statement that Iraq has been officially called more than a year ago and declared free from the organization. But this doesn’t mean the end of efforts to restore stability to the country. Noto said it is very timely to reduce the funding of a program that helped bring about 3 million displaced Iraqis back to their homes. It is very encouraging to see countries like Italy acknowledge this and reaffirm their commitment to helping the people of Iraq rebuild their lives. We are grateful for this support.

Italy supports Iraqi stability

The ambassador of Italy to Iraq, Bruno Pasquino said that Italy maintains its commitment to support the efforts to restore stability in providing basic services to the newly liberated areas. This 4th contribution to the stabilization project is a testimony to Italy’s full participation in the Iraqi people as a qualified partner in the provision of services to the rehabilitation of infrastructure. He added that they are providing essential items to build the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces. UNDP established the Stabilization Project in June 2015 at the request of the Iraqi government. It protects against renewed violence and extremism, and facilitates the return of displaced people, and lays the foundations for reconstruction and recovery in Iraq. The project currently has at least 3,100 projects under way in 31 cities and districts. It would provide a significant amount of help to local authorities to quickly rehabilitate basic infrastructure.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council arranged a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil Thamer Ghadhban. The National Coordinator of the Group Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi Al-Alaq and a number of competent ministers and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq attended the meeting. Ghadhban issued a statement that Baghdad hosted the joint coordination meeting between the two sides on 3/4/2019. Saudi Arabia has shown its desire to open a consulate in Najaf. The meeting also discussed the important memorandums of understanding ready to sign with Saudi Arabia.

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