Undo market General Iraq stock exchange

Undo market General Iraq stock exchange

Tomorrow/Baghdad: Iraq market general stock rose 0.21 percent on Monday, the second session of hearings this week registered 111.8 points compared to 94.12 points was recorded in the previous session.

The reporter said “tomorrow, the market bulletin revealed that the number of shares traded in the day session amounted to five billion 834 million and 419 thousand shares worth over 15 billion and 203 million 147 thousand dinars achieved through implementation of 678 held trading.”

“The number of companies traded in Tuesday’s session totaled 48 electronic company out of the 73 listed companies electronically, the shares of 11 companies in 18 stocks fell, and 19 companies asharha rates unchanged.” The Iraq market for securities held five meetings per week starting from Sunday to Thursday


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