Unavailability of 50K Category Iraqi Dinar Currency in Markets Due to Traders: Finance Committee

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Sunday, a member of Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Majida Al Tamimi issued a statement that there are some reasons in the unavailability in the trading operations of 50 thousands category of Iraqi dinars. She also confirmed that most of the groups of traders are working officially and one of the reasons is that most traders have pulled the trading currency from circulation. She added that most the merchants are purchasing 50 thousand category Iraqi dinar currency in order to funds transferring for their heavy amounts. She also indicated that many currency dealers have purchased very large amount of 50 thousand category Iraqi dinar currency.

The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee surprised regarding the reason for the unavailability of 50 thousand category Iraqi dinar currency from trading operations. The committee also stressed that the main reason was discovered the unavailability of 50K Iraqi dinar currency due to most of the traders have exported the 50K currency for transferring heavy amounts in their business operations. The Central Bank of Iraq also issued a statement on Wednesday, 11th November 2015 that CBI is issuing new Iraqi dinar bank notes for 50 thousand category currency in order to finalize the Iraqi securities monetary structure and for the development in the high category for Iraqi dinar currency.

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