UAE Bank To Open A Branch In Basra

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has been given clearance to open a branch in Basra, Iraq. This is a great step as it would help in facilitating trade and make other financial transactions. This would help in expanding business and maintaining good relations between the two countries. Much needed for Iraq, it would be quite helpful in future.

With the opening of a good bank in the country, it would attract investors from UAE to invest in the Iraqi market. There are several people who want to work in Iraq and with the presence of a UAE bank there, it would be quite helpful in making the people confident with their investments.

With two branches already functioning in Baghdad and Erbil since 2012, it is quite attractive for the investors that the bank is opening yet another branch. It shows the confidence of the bank as well as the country for as safe investment. Sources said that the bank plans to open 10 branches in the coming three years in ten different areas of Iraq which is a very positive sign for Iraq. By attracting such Arab banks it would help in boosting the financial and social conditions of Iraq.

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