U.S Special Envoy warned about Black Iranian Banks

On Saturday, the U.S special envoy to Iran Brian Hawke warned Iraq of the Iranian banking system. He described it as black and non-transparent. He added that Baghdad was expected to comply with U.S sanctions against Iran as in the interest of Iraq. Hawke said dozens of Iranian banks are dirty and corrupt banks serving the regime only. The Iranian banking system is deliberately and transparently black. It is due to the Iranian regime doesn’t need the people to know where the money goes. The entire money spends on all over the Middle East to achieve Iran’s ambitions and to control of the Middle East.

U.S Special Envoy warned about Black Iranian Banks

The U.S special envoy to Iran Brian Hawk said in a statement that the Iranian regime sees Iraq as a claw in a big political game and a conduit for Middle East domination. He said during a televised interview, “The Iranian regime is not investing in its own people, and we do not expect to support Iraqis in any way. Iran’s foreign policy does not respect the sovereignty or independence of other states and since 1979 has tried to undermine states and national identities with religious identity, which has sowed instability in the Middle East and led to violence and bloodshed”.

Moreover, Hawk said the U.S had a different approach to Iraq. He said Iran’s intentions are to dominate Iraq. The United States needs a strong and sovereign Iraq. He added that Iran hadn’t succeeded in trying to circumvent U.S sanctions on Iraq. He said Washington expected Baghdad to comply with U.S sanctions against Iran and considered it in the interests of Iraq. These sanctions deprive the Iranian regime of the income it uses to destabilize the region. It is noteworthy that the U.S granted Iraq an exemption from sanctions to import electricity to southern Iraq for the Iraqi people.

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