U.S. dollar rises against “yen” and “euro”

U.S. dollar rises against “yen” and “euro”


The dollar rose against the yen yesterday supported the rise of U.S. Treasury yields, renewed talk that the Federal Reserve(central bank), the U.S., could be announced next week for further reduction of monetary easing measures.The euro fell against the dollar to 1.3535 dollars, the center of the focus on a survey conducted by the Institute «ZEW» and German, which was scheduled to announce its results later yesterday,

may give an indication of how the cohesion of confidence in the largest economy in the euro zone beginning of the year. The dollar rose 0.5 percent to 104.72 yen, approaching the resistance level of around 104.92 yen, the highest since October 16.

settled gold without its highest level in six weeks with a high stock prices and fears of a decline in demand today because of the rally last prices. And stabilized platinum soon from its highest level in two and a half years, since it is scheduled to begin this week’s strikes, work in the largest producers of the precious metal in South Africa.

reluctant investors about the formation of centers of the yellow metal before meeting «Central» American who has being cut last the bond-buying program (monetary easing). And settled the price of gold in transactions instant at 1253.60 dollars an ounce, close to its highest level in six weeks, which touched the first of yesterday (1259.85 U.S. dollars).

scored Platinum 1461.49 dollars an ounce, after strong gains in the previous session for up to 1469.50 dollars, the highest level since 31 October (October) last year. The Union President Platinum miners in South Africa that its members will strike from work as of tomorrow, the three companies produce more than half of the global production of the metal. The price of silver fell 0.44 percent to 20.17 dollars an ounce, and palladium 0.02 percent to 745.25 dollars.


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