Turkish Companies Working Hard to Rebuild Iraqi Infrastructure: Hoshyar Zebari

On Thursday, the Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met with the Turkish Ambassador in Iraq Farouk Qaamakja and his delegation members of Turkish companies in Iraq regarding execution of the agreements between Iraq and Turkey regarding improvement in the Iraqi economy, in the headquarters office of the Iraqi Finance Minister.

The Ministry of Finance issued a press statement that both sides have discussed on the relationship between Iraq and Turkey, especially in the commercial and economic prospects and possession of some Turkish companies that are working in Iraq. Both sides focused on the importance on activating the Joint Economic Committee and discussed on the completion of work on the preservation of investment and taxation agreement. Hoshyar Zebari also admired Turkey’s role in supporting humanitarian assistance for homeless Iraqi people. Turkish are operating in most of the Iraqi fields such as in construction, energy, hotels and many other areas. There is more than 12 billion U.S dollars trade exchange per year between these two countries.

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