Turkish Air Force bombed PKK inside Iraq during combined military exercise with Iraq

On Monday, the Turkish chief of staff said that Turkish warplanes bombed weapons depots, ammunition and PKK camps in Northern Iraq. The Anatolia news agency indicated that these air strikes were conducted in the areas of Afshin, Zab, and Besian in Northern Iraq. The statement further indicated that these aerial bombardments were followed the monitoring of PKK elements as they were planning to launch an attack against Turkish armed forces. The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi warned earlier that the persistence of the Kurdish regional authorities to conduct referendum would violate the self-determination of Iraq and it would open door to the interference of neighboring countries. Iraqi armed forces in participation with the Turkish troops are conducting military exercises near the Northern borders of Iraq. Both countries are coordinating to respond against the referendum on independence held in Iraqi Kurdistan region. The Reuters news agency has indicated that a small group of soldiers marched holding Iraqi and Turkish flags, 4 kilometers from the border gate of Khabour.

Iraq and Turkey combined military exercises

Various news media have reported that killing is being increased in the region. A U.K-based Syrian human rights watchdog also indicated that at least 3,055 people, including civilians and fighters, have been killed in the month of September during the civil war in Syria. It has been considered the highest monthly total in the current year. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that at least 955 deaths were counted on 1st October, including 148 women and 207 children. Syria is entrapped in a 6-year civil war in which at least 330,000 people have been killed and more than 5 million flee across borders to become refugees. Point to be noted that Russia and Iran are supporting the Syrian government, while the United States and Turkey are backing different rebel groups. But, the scenario in Kurdistan region might be different because any country hasn’t yet announced its support for Kurdistan regional government, so Kurdish regional government is still standing alone to protect their region and Kurdish people.

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