Turkey and Basra in Business Again

Turkey and BasraIraqi Dinar 123 News :- It was reported that Turkish businessmen entered the city of Basra and they entered it in target to damage the economic activity of Iraq. People reported for the betterment of the country and asked the House to ask the Turkish government to manage these people. The Daash is the child of Turkey that allowed it to enter Iraq and it has also helped them in the smuggling of oil. ‘Aldoaash’ is the form of group that Turkey formed to help Iraq fight against the terrorist situation of Iraq.It is important that the Turkish businessmen are stopped and the damage that they want to inflict on Iraq can be stopped in time.

It is not the right of any country to damage any economic system and cause issues for them. The Turkish government has rejected the accusations that the Council of Representatives further added with the sabotage issue that Turkey is harboring terrorists against Iraq. Turkey has denied this accusation. Iraq needs to develop and strengthen its economic conditions and security systems to manage things out in a better way. Due to the foreign sources it is difficult for the different people to invest in the dinar and so the developmental conditions of Iraq are at halt.

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