Today CBI Sold $ 258 million in Daily Auction of Foreign Currencies

On Tuesday; the Sales of Iraqi Central Bank in the daily auction for foreign currencies have been reached at 258 million U.S dollars, which is against the financial budget law 2015. The 2015 budget law restricted the Iraqi Central Bank not to exceed the maximum limit of 75 million U.S dollar in its daily auction. The Central Bank of Iraq is trying to deal with flood of the U.S dollars which reached more than 1400 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollars. The official rate of the Iraqi dinar was 1166 IQD per U.S dollar.

According to the statement issued by the Iraqi Central Bank that the today sold amount size in the daily auction of U.S dollars at the Central Bank reached at 258 million 621 thousand 437 U.S dollars with the official price of 1166 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar. This auction took place with the participation of 19 banks and 3 companies for the financial exchange. It is also said that the total size of credit funds are 237 million 746 thousand 437 U.S dollars, but the sold cash amount is 20 million 80 thousand U.S dollars. The statement indicated that the Central Bank of Iraq is continuously buying and selling U.S dollars at the exchange rate of 1166 Iraqi dinars per U.S. dollars, but the reimbursement amount price is 1187 Iraqi dinars included commission of the Iraqi Central Bank of 21 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar. It reached with total 1190 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar.

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