Three Presidencies to Provide 300 Billion Dinars to State Treasury

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Tuesday, a number of famous financial experts said that the termination of most unnecessary positions from three presidencies would allow Iraq to save more than 300 billion Iraqi dinars per year for the state treasury. A famous financial expert Majid issued a statement that it is still not clear that which posts are going to be eliminated by three presidencies and we didn’t find any figure of salary payroll for staff. We are only able to find in current situation that if Iraqi Prime Minister eliminates unnecessary posts from three presidencies in order to reform and restructure, then it would enable Iraq to enhance its state treasury which is expected at more than 300 billion Iraqi dinars will be saved per year.

He further said that picture is still no clear about the decreasing staff ratios by all three presidencies. It is said that salaries for the senior officials of the state haven’t been mentioned as the right of Prime Minister that the amount of salaries will be reduced on a large scale and it will be presented in the House of Representatives for authorization and implementation. A special meeting held on Tuesday, headed by Salim Al Jubouri and 297 deputies attended this meeting. The restructuring package has been passed to the House of Representatives after initial approval by the Council of Ministers. This restructuring package issued from the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister.

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