The Win Win Solution for Baghdad Erbil Problem

Iraq NewsThe tension between Baghdad and Erbil is destroying the economy of Iraq. The annual budget is pending approval due to differences between both of the regions. The stiff conditions that created deadlock in the dialogue between government officials and Kurdistan are looking difficult to resolve in the near future. In this situation, finding a win win solution for this problem is so difficult. Many of the economists have offered number of solutions to resolve this issue so that country may progress.

Kurdistan decided not to take part in the debate discussion and in the parliamentary session. By this protest Kurdistan wanted to approve oil policy according to their interest. As a result Iraq decided to postpone budget for one year, instead of accepting the conditions of Kurdistan. The economists believe that both of regions can have a win win solution for this issue, if Kurdistan export oil in the collaboration of the state marketer (SOMO) with the Baghdad remitting the oil revenue directly back to the Iraqi Kurdistan. This formula will be acceptable by Baghdad, Kurdistan, Turkey, America and other stakeholders in the country. Iraq needs to understand that this deadlock can seriously harm the economy of Iraq.

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