The IMF & World Bank are Trying to Pressurize the Iraqi Government: National Bloc

29On Sunday, MP from the National Bloc Abdullah Al-Jubouri said that the Head of Iraqi Council of Ministers has planned to cancel some ministries and referred it as a part of reforms. Al-Jubouri further added that reforms process doesn’t mean to eliminate or merge Iraqi ministries. It would create more critical problems especially the wastage or misuse of public money. He indicated that wrong handling of the President of Council of Minister have produced confusion in the State Administration. Al-Jubouri added that it would create a lack of trustworthiness between Iraqi people and Iraqi government. The government should mention clearly all the elements in order to avoid problems.

Al-Jubouri further added that the original problem is the World Bank because it needs to impose some unacceptable conditions such as downsizing the government, imposing taxes and some other conditions. He added that we don’t understand that how Iraqi Prime Minister will be able to save money and overcome the deficit issue in the country. He said that oil export had been considered the major source of revenue in the country over the past couple of decades. He said that the World Bank is putting pressure on Iraqi government to finish some ministries and institutions to manage and control the economic situation in the country. He warned that it would generate new crisis including termination of people from their jobs and inefficient distribution of funds.

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