The Head of Finance Committee Met with the CBI Delegation Headed by the Governor of CBI

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The head of Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh Sari met with the Iraqi Central Bank’s delegation to discuss the sale of foreign currency. The Office of the Chairman of the Committee has issued a press statement that Faleh Sari met with a delegation of senior officials from the Iraqi Central Bank. The head of the delegation, Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Ali and Sari discussed a number of issues including the implementation of customs tariffs and the role of CBI in the development of specific methods and mechanisms to secure their application. He said during the meeting that CBI is emphasizing on the selling of the U.S dollar. They also discussed issues about import and export, and to upgrade the industry and providing a path for the slogan-making in the country.

The statement further indicated that he also stressed during the meeting on the issue of money supply to the banks and discussed the law of protection of deposits, and analyzed the speed of trading. The official documents in the Parliament by the Finance Committee indicating that Iraqi Central Bank sold excessive amount of the U.S dollars in the year 2015 and it is considered more amount of Iraqi imports than the foreign currency collected from the revenues of crude oil in the year 2015. These documents indicated that total revenue from export of oil was amounted at 38 billion U.S dollars in the year 2015. But, the sale of foreign currency at CBI auction was recorded at more than 44 billion U.S dollars with a difference of at least 5 billion U.S dollars.

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