The current Government embezzled 20 billion dinars were allocated to the IDP Anbar!

The current Government embezzled 20 billion dinars were allocated to the IDP Anbar!

Recognized sources from within the current Parliament, the Defense Minister in Maliki’s Government Agency (Saadoun al-dulaimi) loses 20 billion dinars, under allegations of allocation to displaced people from Anbar province.

The news quoted the remarks of the Deputy (Tuma) who is called “migration” of the Board acknowledged that the amount which the Government claims it allocated to displaced families from Anbar province, which was exploited by Al-dulaimi to buy loyalties and tribal chiefs in the province “, adding that” the idea of delivering it to the wrong Agency, Defense Minister of being incompetent in this aspect because the jurisdiction of the Ministry of displacement and migration.

With approved pink “indiscriminate shelling by government troops on towns and villages in the towns of Ramadi and is the main reason for the exodus of families”; “these familieshave not received any assistance from the Government, which dispelled these funds for partisan gain.”

In the same context; MP; the Government so-called “Kurdistan began cracking in residency for displaced persons to the northern governorates, as well as rising prices for housing rental”, noting that “the actions taken against displaced people in Baghdad and other governorates are very tight because of the card does not carry the displaced would be subjected to prosecution and will be driven by very difficult”.

Anbar is experiencing the biggest wave of displacement in its history, bombing and indiscriminate and barbarous missile and artillery shells and aircraft by the Government army on the main cities and kasbahs, which was more than a month and a half

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