The Approval of 8 New Political Parties in Iraq by the Election Commission

The Iraqi Electoral Commission has approved the grant for the formation of 8 new Iraqi political parties. The Commission has indicated that instructions have been issued by the Election Commission to political parties according to the law after completion of entire procedures. A member of the Board of Commissioners in the Electoral Commission, Kolshan Kamal Ali issued a statement that it was made official to allow the formation for 8 new political parties in Iraq. These 8 new parties are Iraqi Wafd Party, Iraqi Turkmen Front, Front Faili, Turkmeneli Party, Nahda Movement Youth Party, National Turkmen Party, Democratic Peace Movement and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. The source also explained that the formerly established parties had completed entire procedures and instructions issued by the Election Commission.

The Approval of 8 New Political Parties in Iraq by the Election CommissionNow, the above mentioned new political parties also completed all procedures and instructions forwarded by the Commission including the rules of conduct in conformation with the lawmaker’s paragraphs of law regarding the Iraqi political parties by the Iraqi House of Representatives. All new established parties called for the integration ambition which recorded and cut off the legal period in the completion objective of the procedures to register itself as a preparation for the issuance of unionization licenses. The Iraqi House of Representatives also voted on it in its previous session and it was approved with a majority vote according to the draft of the Political Parties Law No. 36 of the Year 2015. The Election Commission has started working after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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