Ten trillion dinars for the increase in the

Tomorrow/Baghdad: the current budget included more than ten trillion dinars for the amounts of increase in staff salariesunder the new scale, salaries and bonuses for retirees. The table shows expenditures to sectors and activities in the budget for the current year, which had seen him “tomorrow”, “nine trillion and $ 30 billion for salaries and bonuses for retirees.”

The table to customize trillion 500 billion dinars as payment for payroll new staff will be increased retroactively from the beginning of the year. “

The Cabinet had approved the salary schedule proposed by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers within the reform of the system of salaries and allowances for the sake of Justice and equality and balance between the agents of the State by raising salarieslower and middle grades in salary based on the rising cost of living and reduce the gap insalaries because of platforms and special allocations for some

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