Revenues generated substantial financial Iraq

Revenues generated substantial financial Iraq


Baghdad morning while looking Iraq financial resources variety to supplement the budget with the aim of identifying limited to resources rentier sees an economist important investment location of Iraq geographical location on the world map. suggests Dr. super Abdul Rasul in this regard to the draft harbor deep and the need to establish a network Railway sophisticated to invest this Project feasibility of high economic level.

and Akdabd Apostle told (morning): the importance of inviting international companies specialized in the management of these ports and provide the level of international, noting thatglobal trade from Japan, India and China as well as Iran and other countries pass either through the Suez Canal to the south Europe or through the Cape of Good Hope and this requires a long time in Iraq’s path shorten the time and distance and this leads international trade him.

And that when you invest this site will result in financial resources lasting through the WorldTrade via ships to move cargo by rail network proposed for this purpose as soon as the time between the poles of the world.

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