Stability of U.S Dollar is Expected in The Last week of April

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee again confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq has guaranteed that the Iraqi dinar will be stable very soon against the U.S dollar, and there is a possibility that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate would stabilize at the last week of April 2015. A member of the Iraqi Finance Committee Majida Al Tamimi said that the current actions taken by the Iraqi Central Bank were not the exact reasons behind the sudden rise in the U.S dollar exchange rate.

She said that speculators were involved in this unusual rise in the U.S dollar against the Iraqi dinar. She also indicated that the Iraqi Central Bank should take some major steps with carefully to control the Iraqi local market, banking companies and the banks who deal in the U.S dollar exchange trade. She also confirmed that the Iraqi Central Bank assured the Iraqi Finance Committee that people would see the stability in the Iraqi dinar against the U.S dollar exchange rate at the end of April, and it would return at its normal price.

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