Stability Observed in Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– Hoshyar Zebari confirms that Iraqi dinar exchange rate still remains stable, which is good sign for the investors, who are opting to invest in Iraqi dinar. This is correlated with the current downfall of the oil prices globally. There was a meeting held, where all of these major agendas were discussed along with the security, economic and political conditions of Iraq.

In this way, it was discussed to improve the current situation in Iraq, and how to build the infrastructure of Iraq, and how to stand Iraq internationally as a strong and faithful country, in this way, all issues were taken into consideration to resolve the issues of Iraq.

Hoshyar Zebari the finance minister of Iraq, said “with consultation of IMF, the situation in oil sector and the impact of falling the oil prices is disturbing factor for the all, in this way, we have been taking some crucial steps to bring some improvements in the situations of Iraq, in this way, this is the best parts of the services and this is our objective to see Iraq again standing again on its feet”.

Zebari said the presence of satisfaction by the international monetary fund for an agreement between the central government and the Kurdish government to increase its oil exports.

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