What is SPA Agreement signed between the U.S and Iraq?

The United States has confirmed to continue the framework regarding the trade and investment agreement with Iraq. The U.S also stressed its support in strengthening relations between both countries in building a multi-dimensional relationship. The U.S has shown its support in education, law enforcement, energy, trade, cultural exchange, environmental protection, cultural protection, and various others. The U.S-Iraq High Coordination Committee issued a joint statement that the United States and Iraq are well engaged in strengthening and stabilizing the valuable partnership. It is based on common interests and it will continue enhancement during coming years. The statement further indicated that both sides have agreed in maintaining strong security partnership in order to permanently eliminate Daesh and other terrorist groups from Iraq. Both sides are working to rearrange their economic and political relations to support Iraqi economy to meet the Iraqi needs of reconstruction and challenges of 21st century.

SPA agreement between U.S and Iraq

Point to be noted that the SFA (Strategic Framework Agreement) was signed in 2008. The agreement took place to confirm desires of both countries in establishing long-term friendship and well cooperation. Now, the SFA is the base on which they will build mutually beneficial and unbreakable relationship. It will reaffirm their dedication to this valuable partnership. The SFA describes the principles of cooperation, mutual respect, and sovereignty. The 5th meeting of SFA High Coordination Committee conducted in Baghdad on 28th January 2018. The Iraqi representative Deputy Foreign Minister Nazar Khairullah and U.S representative U.S Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan reaffirmed the significant progress from both sides according to the SFA. The U.S and Iraq will modernize the trade and investment framework agreement in making a significant amount of improvements in the investment environment in Iraq. It will attract essential investment critically required for the reconstruction projects in the country. The U.S also supports the ongoing participation of Iraq in the IMF program to activate economic reform and ensure the economic & financial stability in Iraq.

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