Some Iraqi Citizens can travel to United States: Silliman

The U.S ambassador to Baghdad, Douglas Silliman has confirmed that some Iraqi citizens including diplomats, politicians, businessmen and traders aren’t being covered under the recent executive order of Trump for banning Iraqi citizens to enter in the United States.

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning issued a statement that Iraqi Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili met with the U.S Ambassador Douglas Silliman in Iraq. The statement pointed out that Jumaili discussed with the U.S ambassador regarding the recent decision of the U.S President Donald Trump for restricting the entry of nationals from various countries. Point to be noted that Iraq is one of first 7 countries affected by the executive order of Donald Trump. Al-Jumaili also confirmed that the relations between Iraq and the United States are better than ever, and their relations are not as critical as this decision presented in front of the world. He added that this kind of decision is not in the interest of both countries because Iraq is one of the major allies in the fight against terrorism.

Iraqi Politician are excluded from Ban

Jumaili stressed that the Trump administration should reconsider this decision, especially in the presence of a joint governing agreement regarding the relationship between the two countries. The statement further indicated that Silliman said that the decision of Trump just prevents the nationals from a number of countries to enter in the United States. The decision was based on the existence of security concerns that might threaten the United States. He pointed out that Iraqi diplomats, politicians, businessmen and traders are not being covered by the banning order of Trump. He confirmed that they can travel to the United States, but this ban covers entire aspects of tourism. Silliman pointed out that Washington is taking interest in the development of bilateral relations with Iraq. He also confirmed the U.S support for Iraq against terrorism and to eliminate Daash & other terrorist organizations.

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