Social Insurance Law to be Imposed on Iraqi by the IMF: Experts

A legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi criticized the social insurance law on Tuesday that the Iraqi government needs to present. He also pointed out that it seems as an implementation by the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which led to a rise in the ratio of salaries deduction to 9 percent of state employees. He added that the social insurance draft law is still on the table of the Iraqi government and waiting to be delivered to Iraqi parliament to read and its approval. He said that it consists of 143 articles and came into consideration of Article 30 in the Iraqi Constitution. It demands that the Iraqi government should provide guarantee the social welfare right for women, children, elders and to provide work for unemployed Iraqi people.

Social Insurance Law to be Imposed on Iraqi by the IMF: ExpertsHe further indicated that after implementation of this law is the formation of a national insurance and is deducted 9 percent of the salaries of employees who receive a salary of more than 280,000 instead of the 7 percent in force. He pointed out that the major purpose of this law will be according to the opinion of Iraqi government regarding reducing the differentiation between different segments in the Iraqi society. He stressed that this law was presented due to a significant amount of pressure from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the increase in the fraction of deduction in the salaries of employees. it would also harm a large number of Iraqi people having a limited amount of income. It is important that these deductions violate Article 30, which provides a guarantee that the state should provide money and not resort to the cuts.

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