Shahristani: Kurdistan oil export isolation from Baghdad

Shahristani: Kurdistan oil export isolation from Baghdad


Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said Iraq wants to export oil through a pipeline from the Kurdistan region but it must be done with the consent of Baghdad, after the start of pumping crude through the line on Friday.The central government insists on its right to supervise all oil exports, even after Turkey signed in November in the energypackage worth billions of dollars with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Shahristani told reporters, when asked about the pipeline primarily newly that it was agreed during the meetings held with Turkish officials recently to allow the export ofcrude oil from anywhere in Iraq is in everyone’s interest but it must be with the consent of the Iraqi government.

Baghdad says that the export of Kurdish oil independently against the law. Turkey aspires to proceed in the matter through a tripartite mechanism involving Baghdad, but the central government refuses years ago pumping exports directly from the semi-autonomous region.
Shahristani said the export without the consent of Baghdad would be a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and the Iraqi government will take the necessary action to protect their wealth.

The informed sources said on Saturday that the pilot pumping crude through the pipeline began on Friday, but decided not ship any quantities for export after.

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