Seminar to Overview Economic Development Held in Erbil

Seminar to Overview Economic Development Held in Erbil

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– Association in Erbil organized a seminar to examine the economic development, honored banking possibility of developing banking sector and the contribution of the banking sector. Association conducted in the meeting that there is a potential of banking industry in the Iraq and the growing sector of banking can really helpful for the financial development of Iraq. This can lead to become a best possibility of the future.

This will lead to the creation of the new employment opportunities for the people of Iraq. On the other hand, president of Association of private banking said that there is great importance of the private banking industry in this modern era.

He said, Private banking can help us in achieving the national goals, and there should be the criteria set by the banks to deliver the high quality services and banking needs to the people.

He said many private banks have undergone many challenges and there is a phenomenon of setting the criteria for the banking needs and requirements. The participants of the meeting indicated the importance of the recommendations of the meeting and it will beneficial for the national economy and the private sector. The private banking is most important for the development of Iraqi economy.

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