Saudi Arabia and its Allies issued a Terrorism List linked to Qatar

Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries in the region have cut off their diplomatic relations with Qatar. Now, they have issued a list of individuals and groups allegedly connected to Qatar over Terrorism. The combine statement was issued from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt and they presented specific list, which is connected to Qatar in serving untrustworthy agendas due to dishonest policies of Qatar. The statement indicated that Qatar had announced fight against terrorism on one hand and Financing, Supporting and hosting various terrorist organizations at the other hand. A report of the U.S State Department had indicated that the list contains at least 2 names already pointed out internationally as terrorist financiers, but Qatar didn’t initiate any step against them. These 2 international financiers Saad Al-Kaabi and Abdul Latif Al-Kawari are among a number of individuals and groups named on Friday by Saudi Arabia and its 3 allies.

Saudi Arabia and its Allies issued a Terrorism List linked to QatarThe above mentioned 4 countries have decided for categorizing 59 persons and 12 groups in their list of terrorism. They confirmed that they don’t have any soft corner against these persons and groups involved in terrorist activities and involvement to finance them. On the same day, Qatar refused to accept list and mentioned it baseless. Qatar said that a terrorism blacklist presented by Saudi Arabia and its allies by pointing links of individuals and groups with Doha to provide a support for Islamist militant groups, but the list is baseless. It is important that Doha responded in just hours after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt announced a list of 59 persons and a dozen of groups connected to terrorism. The Qatari government issued a statement that recent joint statement issued a terror finance watch list by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt, but it is once against pointing to baseless allegations and doesn’t have any kind of solid foundation.

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