Russian Oil Company To Enhance Cooperation in Iraqi Oil Sector

The Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Economic Affairs Harith Al Harthy met with the Managing Director Bilekarbov Alexander, of the oil company Amkaz Mattnorak to enhance the size of the Iraqi-Russian cooperation in oil related fields. The information department of the House of Representatives issued a press statement that both countries needs to take maximum advantages from the law which permitted the Iraqi private sector to invest in the transformation of the liquidation projects.

The Managing Director of Amkaz Mattnorak oil company further added that his company has a number of professionals and experts, which allows in getting dozens of projects for the best interest of oil companies operating in the different parts in the world. He also pointed out that their technology and expertise can be appareled in order to serve in Iraq. The company worked in Iraq a time ago. He also added that his company needs to invest in Iraqi oil sector in the field of extraction projects in order to take advantage to turn profitable and valued economic material and building environment friendly refineries and building units to separate sulfur from the raw oil materials.

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