Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar

There are lots of investors who are predicting the value of the Iraqi dinar to rise up tripartite the value of the US Dollar. Though it doesn’t seem to be the happening of three times increase in the value of Iraqi dinar but it’s sure that the dinar will be equal to the value of US dollars and this value will make millions of people rich and prosperous.

Another factor that will play an important role in the revaluation of Iraqi dinar is the oil sector of Iraq. Iraq is the second largest oil producer of the world. And reports according to the international surveys are showing that Iraq has proven oil reserves of 137 billion barrels and these figures make this country as the largest producer of the world. Present oil production is 3.3 million barrels per day and this production is expected to reach to the level of 20 million barrels oil per day at the end of 2020. By 2015 Iraq’s oil production will reach to 6 million barrels oil per day and its exports will exceed from 2.2 million barrels oil per day to 4mbpd.

Along with oil, Iraq is growing in non-oil industry as well. This country knows that, reliance on oil is not a wise thinking and Iraq should have other industrial growth. Iraq recently has announced to open up the new and different industries with the assistance of international industrialist. And this is good for Iraq and for the people of Iraq.

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