Result of lack of adoption of budget 2015

Wasit Administration stressed on initiation of the stopped more than 300 projects in the governorate during the 2014 regarding the adoption of the general budget. It was stressed that government has to take some serious steps in order to avoid the destruction of the continued projects. Government should make such plans to continue the projects. The governor of wasit, Mahmoud Abdul Ridha Talal said that the decrease of adoption of the budget for the general current of 2014 has disturbed the projects, whether they are in process of implementation or included in the plan, and it was said that there are more than 300 projects, which have been affected by it, and these plans include important strategic stalled and formation of structural developments. He also included that there are lots of companies, which have not been given any surety of payments. Government, under plan projects for 2014, is planning to provide the four bridges over the tigris river in the province, three of them in the city of Kut, and formation of Cote d’architecture. Along with this, there are lots of other projects, which have not been assigned to the contractors including housing, education, infrastructure, and security sector, and this has become a dead letter due to lack of adequate allocations.

Finance allocation is also a major problem in the completion of the projects, but as a result of lack of adoption of budget, it all seems to be impossible, the completion of the projects. There were further explanations, made by the governor that these companies will implement the order to complete the projects, but this will also lead to a time taking projects.

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