We Reject Election Results & demand for New Elections: Al-Moussawi

On Thursday, the coalition of state law forcefully rejected the new government formation according to the results of recent Iraqi parliamentary elections. It is due to a number of alleged problems, violations, and various unacceptable factors. The coalition of state law pointed out about putting 3 options on the Commission. The cancellation of recently conducted elections was included in these options, including filing a new procedure due to various doubts and appeals. The spokesman for the coalition, Abbas Al-Moussawi said in a press statement that these options were filed in order to bring the peaceful situation in the country before the declaration of final results of recent Iraqi parliamentary elections. So, the Commission should immediately act to take one of these options.

Iraqi State of Law Coalition


Moussawi added that Commission either chose a recount of 5% at random, a complete recount of entire the ballot boxes or the complete cancellation of the election results and announce a date for new elections in Iraq. He called on the members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to perform their responsibility to arrange the emergency meeting as soon as possible to follow up and address matters, but it might be unable to deal with the Commission. He called on the Commission to check out and investigate the votes of Iraqi voters abroad. It is due to there are a number of evidenceĀ of various complaints regarding the violations that happened there. He also blamed Iraqi political blocs of the Commission to manipulate the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections conducted last Saturday.

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