Reform Package Should be Implemented as soon as Possible

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is ready to start the economic and political reforming with the handsome support of the House of Representatives to move the country in much better directions. It is surely a positive step to be implemented, but it has not been implemented due to some unknown issues. Iraqi government has considerable support by the House of Representatives, but reform process would face a heavy resistance by those people that are involved in administrative and financial corruption in the country. Point to be noted that a majority of people confirmed that political and economic degradation problem increased the administrative and financial corruption.

The government of Iraq should implement reform package because Iraq is in much need to get back its looted amount by the corruption. The government is also looking to reduce the salaries amount and the reform package includes the reduction of unwanted governmental posts. It would also enable Iraq save money and to enhance the state treasury, which can be used for investment purpose in various sectors in the country. It has been found that a number of former and current government officials are involved in the corruption process and they are resisting in the implementation process of reform package. The Iraqi Prime Minister is much focusing to eliminate the corruption from the governmental institutions, so he has announced to form a commission and this commission would find corruption by opening corruption files without taking any kind of internal or external pressure. Iraq is facing a number of internal crises in these days, so reform process should be started as soon as possible.

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