U.S. dollar recovers against the yen

U.S. dollar recovers against the yen


Dollar regained ground against the yen on Tuesday, with the capture investors held their breath after a wave of selling of stocks and emerging-market assets pushed capital towards currencies that are considered safe havens. opened European stocks higher after three days lost the index Um. S. CNN.

Aye Global Equity 3.5 percent and damaged developing markets most vulnerable, including Turkey, Argentina and Ukraine. reported that the euro and the dollar, the yen and the Swiss franc, while hurt currencies most closely prices of primary goods and the cycle of growth in emerging markets such as the Australian dollar.

increased Australian dollar – backed by the results of a survey of companies are encouraging – and his New Zealand 0.7 percent against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday. was a wave of selling in response to the prospect of tighter monetary policy in the advanced economies, however, the main factor behind the stoppage represent the indicators on the response potential of Turkey during an emergency meeting of the Central Bank later in the day. , but analysts say any recovery may be short term with the expectation that hints at the Central American on Wednesday to continue to reduce its huge monetary stimulus.

still Yen first choice is often to investors as a safe haven time of turmoil and record on Monday, the highest level in seven weeks against the dollar. dollar rose about a third of a percentage point against the yen in European morning trade . Australian dollar rose to U.S. $ 0.8796 after it fell on Friday to a low of $ 0.8660 is the lowest since July, 2010. Sterling rose 0.2 percent to 1.6610 dollars in early trading.


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