Recent Wave of Deadly Bombings Disturbed Central Baghdad

The Iraqi police and medical sources informed that the Iraqi capital Baghdad hit by 2 massive explosions causing at least 38 people dead and more than 100 injured. These attacks took place on Monday executed by 2 suicide bombers. The spokesman of the Iraqi interior ministry, Saad Maan issued a statement that both suicide attackers detonated their bomb jackets in a congested area of workers at the Al-Tayaran Square in the central Baghdad. The Iraqi interior ministry confirmed the total deaths of at least 16 people and more than 65 injured. The medical sources have indicated that more deaths are expected due to there are a number of critical injured people. Al-Tayaran has been considered the major crossway between Sadr city and Al-Jumariyah Bridge over the Euphrates River in eastern Baghdad. The entire roads linked to the square have been closed. The Kurdish Rudaw news agency published a video footage on Twitter showing the severity of the incident and massive amount of damages.

Recent Wave of Deadly Bombings Disturbed Central BaghdadAny group hasn’t yet announced responsibility of these attacks. It is more serious that a wave of deadly bombings has hit badly the central Baghdad during last 48 hours. A number of people were killed on Saturday, including police and civilians when a suicide bomber ambushed a security check-post near Aden Square, North of Baghdad. The responsibility of this attack wasn’t claimed by any group. Another attack on Sunday caused at least 8 people dead and more than 2 dozen injured in the Al-Tarmiyah area in Northern Baghdad. Point to be noted that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi announced victory over the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) famous as ISIS. He also marked it the end of a 3-year war and the complete elimination of terrorist groups and Daesh organization from Iraq. The Director of the Iraqi House of Expertise Foundation, Ahmed Rushdi said that recent attacks have shown a lack in the intelligence network in the capital Baghdad.

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