Reason Behind Budget Delay

Iraq Budget NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News: Every one of us wanted to know the main reason for delay in budget of Iraq 2014 and the present decrease in the value of Iraqi dinar. Most of us consider the conflict between Iraq government and Kurdistan is the major reason for this delay. Yasiri the noted member of finance committee of Iraq said yesterday that the conflict with Kurdistan is not the problem for Iraq to approve budget 2014. He said the preparation of general elections was the major cause in the delay of budget 2014.

The government officials and the opposition parties were busy in their election campaign and therefore they could not pay proper attention to the budget discussions and finally the budget delayed. As far as my opinion is concern, you cannot neglect the conflict between government and Kurdistan as it is the actual reason behind the budget delay. Kurdistan has boycotted all the budget discussions and other parliamentary sessions against the oil policy announced by fiancé committee of Iraq in the final draft of budget. Kurdistan considers it against the economic interests of its region and wants to make some changes in this oil policy. Kurdistan cannot export 400,000 barrel oil per day as defined in the policy and this is the main reason behind budget delay.

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