Rasheed Bank has Started Replacement of Damaged Iraqi Currency

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – Rasheed Bank has announced a statement that we have announced instructions to all our branches to accept the old damaged currencies and replace them from the Iraqi citizens. A director of the bank Muhammad Abdel Wahab said that we are providing this facility to our citizens according to the Iraqi Central Bank directions. He said that we have started this process according to the directions of treasury department and the planning is to pull out the old damaged currencies from the circulation and deposit in the Iraqi Central Bank.

Abdel Wahab further said that the branches which are directed to pull out the old damaged currencies are  Shorja Branch, Khatoon Branch, Sumer neighbourhood, Baya Branch, Utaifiyya Branch, Yarmouk Branch and Karkh Branch. He further added that the Central Bank needs to facilitate the withdrawal and payment to for Iraqi citizens.

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