Rafidain Bank to Open a New Branch in Khanaqin

Rafidain BankIraqi Dinar 123 News :- The Khanaqin administration demanded central government of Iraq to open a new branch of Rafidain Bank in the province to fulfill the needs of retirees, employees and other locals. Rasheed Bank is already operating in the country but the bank is unable to fulfill the demand of people due to massive population. The administration of Khanaqin said one bank is not enough to satisfy the needs of whole community and industrial needs.

The administration of Khanaqin further criticized the government and the central bank of Iraq for opening new branches in Rafidain and Rasheed Bank in the foreign countries like UK and USA when its own country is facing liquidity issues in the several parts of the country. The head of the local council of Khanaqin said Rasheed Bank is only the government bank in the region dealing with the massive population. People have to wait several hours and sometimes for days to complete their transactions. Therefore it is badly needed that a new bank branch of Rafidain Bank should be opened in the region to fulfill the demand of the people. He further said the people are looking towards private banks to satisfy their banking needs and it is so embarrassing for the government.

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